FoBRA MP’s Meeting – 12th Feb 18

WeraHobhouseThe CRA was fortunate enough to welcome Wera Hobhouse at our AGM in November last year.  Here is another opportunity provided by the Federation of Bath Residents Associations.  The CRA is one of 29 residents associations in Bath.

A special, extra meeting of the FoBRA Committee will be held on Monday 12th Feb at 6.30pm in the hall of Widcombe Junior School, to which our MP, Mrs Wera Hobhouse, has been invited.  The Chairman will ask her to address us about her role and current issues, after which the floor will be opened to questions.  Because of its importance, members of all Associations belonging to FoBRA are welcome and encouraged to attend.

There is no charge, but there is an upper limit to the hall’s capacity. To book a place, please email the Secretary,, with your name, any question which you might wish to ask Mrs Hobhouse, and the Association of which you are a member. Tickets are not issued, but there will be an email acknowledgement.

One thought on “A chance to meet your MP

  1. Anna and I went to hear Wera Hobhouse, yesterday evening. She was very much her normal self – very charming and inspirational. Thanks to FoBRA for laying it on. Traffic and congestion were ‘first up’. As we have surmised before, the big impetus is coming from poor air quality, to which the council have to respond with quick fixes – the available funding is not for long term solutions. As you’d expect there is no solution which does not have objectors so the debate is going to be prolonged to get to a consensus, but some of the ideas are quite novel. She is leading the way with a series of meetings around the city which starts with Larkhall – click here ( for details from an earlier post. The key date is Saturday 3rd March.


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