CRA Margaret's Hill

Not a great photo, as the proposed change affects drivers descending the hill.  It’s quite a difficult manoeuvre turning left onto London Road but very useful if turning right onto Cleveland Bridge.

The proposal will ban the left turn for safety reasons.  The obvious alternative is to turn right and do a ‘u-ie’ at the mini roundabout.  Apparently this is illegal but I cannot substantiate this at all.  It will happen, won’t it? and it’s probably safer.

If you want to have your say then send an email by 15/02 from here quoting “TRO17-028/SC.”

The substance of the traffic order is here:  Margaret’s Hill Notice Newspaper.


MArgaretHillThis proposal has been withdrawn and notified to us today.  See the detail here:  2- Objection Report.

There were 70 objections.  Quite a lot from Camden, we might surmise.

3 thoughts on “Calling all users of Margaret’s Hill

  1. Richard Samuel’s protest to BANES:

    I writing to respond to the formal consultation as one of the 2 ward councillors for Walcot ward in which this proposal is situated.

    Initially I was persuaded that this could be a beneficial improvement on the grounds of traffic safety and so supported the proposal for consultation. Misgivings that I expressed at that time, which were not satisfactorily answered and comments since made by local residents mean that I no longer support the proposal.

    First it was argued that this proposal was required on the grounds of traffic safety. Yet many residents have pointed out that no evidence of traffic accidents has been provided by the Council nor is there any evidence of near misses having taken place. In the absence of any information to the contrary it would appear that no evidence exists in the public domain to justify this proposal.

    Second the prohibition of a left turn would mean that southbound traffic from Fairfield Park, and Camden would have to use the only other two routes from the north available to connect to the London Rd and through Bathwick St. These are from Camden Road – Lansdown Road and Guinea Lane, or via Bennetts Lane and Snow Hill. The latter is a single width road. This highlights an issue which I raised previously which was that Camden requires a comprehensive plan to prevent rat running not ad hoc measures such as this.

    Third it has been pointed out to me that a left turn prohibition which included cyclists and motorcyclists would make the alternative – see point 4 below – more dangerous.

    Fourth in the absence of the ability to perform a left turn motorists will turn right, travel up to the mini roundabout, go round it and return back along London Road. I raised this possibility during the initial consultation and was told it was an illegal manoeuvre. However there does not appear to be any legal basis for the claim which most residents have told me they will do if the left turn is banned. This is probably more dangerous than the left turn manoeuvre.

    Finally the proposals include alterations to the box markings to improve visibility. This is the clue to improving the junction safety. By simply extending this current box towards the mini roundabout visibility will be improved and the left turn becomes a safer possibility.

    In conclusion with the exception of the box marking changes I have suggested above I oppose this proposal which has clearly not been thought through sufficiently clearly


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