This is a copy and paste of an email sent to Richard Samuel…
Dear Councillors
From next Monday, 19 February, a series of road works begin in London Road and Cleveland Place.
The first works are for gas services and then there are various B&NES works until the end of April. The works are not continuous and there may be short gaps between each completing and the next one starting. This is to avoid overruns and one set of works clashing with another.
The B&NES work includes:
  1. resurfacing part of London Road/Cleveland Place,
  2. repairs to the Cleveland Bridge toll house,
  3. the extension to the loading bay at Walcot Terrace in London Road (subject to the outcome of the TRO consultation),
  4. modifications to parts of the London Road cycle lane.
Not all of the works will cause disruption to traffic and we have co-ordinated them to minimise this as far as possible, with the objective of avoiding lane closures at peak times, using extending working hours and overnight working. However, this is not possible on all of the works.
Additional temporary Variable Message Signs are being provided on approaches to the city not already covered by our permanent VMS, to give drivers information.
We were aware of this coming and it is probably inevitable.  Please click the post title (above) and comment with ideas for minimising consequential disruption to Camden.

One thought on “Notice of road works in London Road and Cleveland Place 19/2 – 30/4

  1. Here is a large extract from an email of concern from Richard Samuel to Mark Shelford, Cabinet Member for Transport and Environmental, which I think we’d all support…

    I refer to the Council’s PR on the works on London road which I have been well briefed about.
    One issue that arises though that I hope you can assure me on and which I have already raised with Simon Thomas.
    The PR talks about motorists finding alternative routes. If one of these is Camden Road then I will be very concerned about that as the road is wholly unsuitable to receive further traffic. I have asked that signs are erected that discourage motorists from using Camden as an alternative route but have not yet received any indication that this will happen.
    Perhaps I could ask that you instruct the officers to ensure this happens.
    Richard Samuel


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