IMG_2336Perhaps one car today on our newly pedestrianised road.
Great sense of community with shovels and sledges, and people jovially talking to one another as well as making their ways to work or school.
No need to stick to the pavements as we feel perfectly safe in the street.

What a lovely way to live.  How could we make this a daily reality?


Could be a well timed question tomorrow at the Oriel Hall in Larkhall, from 9.30 to 1pm.

Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 15.04.41




ps look out for a second blog poster on this site…

6 thoughts on “Quiet Camden

  1. Very good point! It is lovely not having queuing traffic right outside my front door, and not having that tense atmosphere when angry drivers start losing the plot. I know it can cause real difficulties for some people when it snows like this, but walking along the middle of streets without fear of being run over it is a salutary reminder that we’ve lost much of our public space to vehicular traffic; it has incrementally become over dominant. Life would be much better if we could re-balance the volume of traffic and parked cars that clutter our streets and spaces, and now increasingly take over our pavements. And for this we need more active travel and the best public transport system that we can imagine. Electric cars are great, and an answer to air pollution, but they won’t solve congestion.


  2. It looks lovely, hopefully not too icy. I am currently in Andalusia so can’t say that I am missing the cold. Great cycling here with very well maintained super smooth rides and motorists obeying signs to give 1.5 minimum clearance to cyclists.
    Nigel Sherwen


  3. Another time it was eerily quiet was when Weston Lane was shut for resurfacing. I got a rush-hour photo with a “queue” of one car waiting to get onto Lansdown Road!


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