Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 11.08.49CycleBath, run by Adam Reynolds is getting quite a bit of prominence.  The ‘killer stat’ for me is depicted in this pie-chart which we produced from his 2011 census data with a bit of rounding.

What a vision!  Only 40% of people working in Bath needing to use motorised (mostly fossil fuelled) transport of any sort.

After some investment we would:

  • save money for everyone (residents and council)
  • reduce emissions
  • reduce noise
  • keep fitter.

In the City of London where there is gold standard investment in cycle infrastructure the majority of traffic on the roads is now people cycling.

I’m going to ask him for ‘Bath only’ stats and try to get an up-to-date position of where we are now and how far we are away from the vision.

4 thoughts on “Promoting cycling

  1. Interesting statistics, but we need as a nation to make cycling much less of a safety concern if we are to have many more people cycling, be it on electric or conventional bikes. At last we are getting a length of on road cycle lane with protection for cyclists, in the form of Orca physical protection, due in the London Road as part of the current works.
    Traffic calming would also encourage people and children of suitable age to walk more rather than drive or be driven.


    1. Thanks, Nigel. There’s more than a hint of a vision in this good news for London Road – a protected lane for cyclists. This could apply to all those using their own leg power – walkers and cyclists. It would be good for them to have clean air too and for this apply to the city centre and all main arterial routes.


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