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A few things have happened over the last four weeks or so, some of which we’ve received comments about from residents so we’re keen to give your our responses.

  1. We got the big dump of snow on March 2nd which turned Camden Road into a pedestrianised zone overnight – and those we spoke to loved it.  There’s a vision for the future!  We posted something about it here
  2. Our recent ‘January’ report, which builds upon our mission (top right of this page) is now out there and committee members are actively making contact with as many people and organisations as possible who might have an interest in what we have to say.
  3. On March 3rd, at Transition Larkhall’s Transport Briefing on Saturday March 3rd, Mark Shelford, Cabinet Member for Transport, challenged the CRA on its recent report (see here) on NE Bath’s traffic and air quality issues to consider a ‘bus gate’.  We had little more to go on than that but the Committee is actively looking at ways this might be workable without compromising on our concern for traffic in NE Bath as a whole.  That specifically should include Larkhall and the woes of London Road too.
    A ‘cat has slightly leapt out of the bag’ on this and we are getting strong feelings both for and against.  Just to emphasise that nothing is ruled in or out at this stage but we’re happy to receive comments now, but especially when we have something more coherent to say.
  4. The March 31st deadline for the council’s Feasibility Study on urgently improving air quality has arrived.  Any news on this should appear here, but not seen anything as yet.  We’ll be chasing this up after Easter.

Jeremy Labram, on behalf of the CRA Committee

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