GullsWe are just noticing the start of the nesting season for gulls from now till August.

There is an extended council run scheme for ridding gulls nests from roofs in certain wards but regrettably not in Lansdown and Walcot.

The wards were chosen on the basis of evidence of nesting habits – last year presumably.  Is there anyone in Camden prepared to monitor our gull population for the next five months in order to garner evidence which might support our case to be included next year, if needed?

There’s further information here:

Please contact us here, if you would do it for Camden.

One thought on “Gull Attack

  1. Jeremy,

    You might know, but the background to this is that there was reportedly someone living on or near Camden Road who was feeding the bloody gulls a few years back.

    As regards the council’s gull-riding programme, it has been for the past three to four years and remains utterly useless, so expecting it to be of benefit to Camden would be unduly optimistic. Last year, it coughed up – despite being allegedly being broke – £80,000 to two universities to identify the nesting sites of and feeding sources for gulls in central Bath. A taxi driver could have told them for nothing: the substantial increase in the number of fast-food outlets, especially in the Kingsmead Square area, where gulls nest by the Georgian chimneys.

    That the council hopes to restore this area to its previous 18th century glory – minus the trash, the drunks, the homeless and the beggars that are still features of Kingsmead Square and Westgate Street – indication of the fantasy world in which councillors and its PR people live.



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