CRA Response graphicIn response to the proposals for a Clean Air Zone to be formed around central Bath, which were released on the 6th April and our attendance at the subsequent briefing, the Committee of the CRA have agreed the following statement.


Response to the Breathe2021 Briefing at BRLSI on 190418

In essence, this is a mandatory initiative driven by public health concerns over the quality of air in parts of central Bath.  All we can do is influence and shape the proposal.  It will involve change for anyone used to driving into and through Bath from 2020.  We are very keen to ensure that this is done fairly and, if so, we will very much support it because it should improve life in Camden and NE Bath and will be funded by central government.  Many of us view this as a ‘game changer’ for Bath.

Previous posts on this blog have provided some detail over issues that might affect NE Bath.  This response brings our thoughts over the last month together in one document.  We do hope you can find to read it and comment on this blog or to the council directly.

The BreATHe2021 project can be hard to find on the council web-site so we’ve made links available in the right section of this page.

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