Screen Shot 2018-05-21 at 12.59.24One of our committee members picked out this piece from Saturday’s Guardian.

One study suggests that nearly 60% of the UK’s population live in areas where air pollution is above the legal limit. The end result is staggering: 40,000 early deaths every year in the UK. In London, this makes air pollution the second-biggest health risk, outranking alcohol abuse and obesity.

This applies to people working and living in Bath.  Were this a water scare then we could use bottled water to drink.  Were this alcohol or food abuse, as individuals we could see a way through it, but we cannot choose the air we breathe so this insidious threat can only be combatted by us all changing our attitudes to inner city vehicle pollution and driving behaviours.

Screen Shot 2018-05-21 at 13.10.39

By September the Council has to have drafted its BreATHe2021 Clean Air Plan and its Clean Air Zone (CAZ) including the several measures it is going to have to impose.  We will continue to support the aims of this plan and influence its shape for the benefit of all of NE Bath and well as the wider community.

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