WeliveintheskyWell, we might have to…
with the impending CAZ which we continue to support.

Here is an exciting ‘blue sky’ thinking exhibition which is part of Fringe Arts Bath and is now on downstairs at at 21, 22 and 23 Milsom Place, Bath BA1 1BZ For more details click here.

The curator is Transition Larkhall’s own Joanna Wright who draws our attention to Alison Harper’s “Hot Spots” which can be seen on the railings of Hedgmead Park railings.  The 69 bicycle wheels are a reference to the pollution level at the London Road/Cleveland Bridge Junction.  And at Milson Place she has also come up with a piece called  “we live within the sky, not beneath it”.

This exhibition is on until the 10th June 2018.
If you go then do please add a comment on this post for others.

2 thoughts on “#getoutofyourcar

  1. The exhibition is well worth visiting. The thousands of miniature toy cars that represent the number of cars entering Bath each day really does bring home the size of the problem facing us, if we are to reduce the adverse impact of cars in our city. The video of the Swiss city of Zurich shows what can be done by providing excellent public transport, trams, trains and busses and by providing traffic free streets. Not only do these look and feel more pleasant and safer, it appears to have enhanced economic prosperity too. If you can’t make the exhibition do look at the Zurich video via the link on this Blog.


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