Anyone else notice these wonderful  guests? The Swifts are back and the youngsters are in the nest. John recently had a visit from Stewart Owen, from the Bath and Local RSPB group to learn more about our wonderful swifts see: Bath Local RSPB group Report.

Providing a home for the returning swifts is one of our annual pleasures. We LOVE watching them fly and hearing their chatter.

If you are still up near dusk you will see some bats hawking as well. We think that they are mainly pipistrelle  bats but we did notice a slightly larger bat flying the other night. Will have to get a bat detector!

As we were watching the bats we heard rustling and low and behold a family of badgers came through. It was wonderful but they do make a bit of a mess of the garden! They must have setts in front of Camden Crescent and scale the not unsubstantial walls to get to our garden at number 8.

Oh and the sparrowhawk is around as well!


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