komediabathKomedia was the unlikely setting for the 3rd in a series of events organised by our local MP to improve the understanding on Transport and Air Pollution issues in Bath and give participants the chance to share their thoughts and concerns.

We were grateful to CRA committee member Nigel Sherwen and his wife for attending the day and reporting back.  This means Camden has been well represented at all these events as well as many council run ones.  This is a very hot topic for us and one that could very much change things for the better or the worse depending on how the finalised Clean Air Plan looks.

His two pages of notes are available here.  In essence, Bath council is compelled to act to reduce NOx pollution in parts of the city by 2020.  A Clean Air Zone (CAZ) is proposed whereby high emitting vehicles will be charged to enter the zone and thereby deterred.

This will affect residents on Camden Road owning, or being served by, chargeable vehicles.  This seminar painted a very broad picture and then focussed on the challenges for Bath.

There was not a lot to add to the picture we’ve already grasped over the last three months other than to re-emphasise that Bath is not alone in its plight to get air quality levels up to legal standards – it is a world wide issue.  To do so will involve change for all of us, particularly those of us who regard using the car as the “Easy, Normal and Safe” option, as coined by speaker, Dr. Ian Walker of Bath University.

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3 thoughts on “Wera Hobhouse at the Komedia

  1. Thank you for the summation. Sadly I was unable to attend. I look forward to the official documentation. I definitely agree that the Park and Ride prices should be cheaper and that the buses should not have to go into town to then come out of town. ie Larkhall to RUH.


  2. Thanks for the notes. I attended the first session but was unable to stay for longer. The key message I got was from Dr Walker when, in reply to a question, he said that he was not aware of any successful traffic reduction schemes that did not include both carrot and stick.


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