Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 16.22.16A Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) is the legal document required to support a range of measures, which govern or restrict the use of public roads.

The latest TRO from BANES will change things in Upper Hedgemead Road by putting the current free parking into zone 15.

I never could understand why there was free parking there, so close to the city centre.  This may improve parking for those on UHR although it is rather distant from the rest of zone 15.  We just need to make sure in the future that this is not used as a ‘like for like’ swap in arguments to reduce parking in more more pressurised parts of zone 15.

6 thoughts on “Zone 15 to get very slightly bigger

  1. The road widens where the free parking spaces are. If a few spaces were sacrificed at the narrowest point point extending to where the road widens leaving an easily accessible passing space. This would enable access for emergency service vehicles. As a pedestrian I would prefer a clear passing space as currently cars mount the pavement to pass.


  2. At the narrowest point it is impossible for cars to pass – hence confrontations and pavement encroachment as well as no access possible for the wider emergency vehicles. For any two-way single lane road to work drivers from either direction have to be able to see whether the way is clear before committing to getting through the gap. There are bits of Camden Road like this which don’t provide sight lines and cause this type of issue. Is this the same issue? Could it be solved by shifting the parking spaces to ensure the sight lines are there?


  3. I’ve had another look at this today on foot. There is a kink in the middle of the single lane section which blocks the vision of drivers coming in either direction. Therefore every driver has to commit to driving into the single lane section without knowing if there is someone doing the same thing from the opposite direction. This cannot but not produce ‘front bumper to front bumper’ confrontation much of the time. Other than maybe give way signs and mirrors or traffic lights can I see a solution as a two way street. The other alternative is to make it one way. Very keen to hear of others views. Consultation and representation closes on 16th August.


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