Walcot Boundary Changes.png

News of these came out today in response to a need to reduce the number of councillors on B&NES by 10%.  The accompanying summaries do not give much detail, so I’ve created what I think is a correct representation of the changes from now (blue) to the future next year (red) and worked out the gains (pink) and the losses (green).  I’ll leave others (our councillors, maybe) to comment here on the blog as to the virtues or otherwise of the changes.

From a CRA perspective there is possibly an advantage in seeing virtually all of what we call Camden in one ward now, but it does leave the iconic Camden Crescent outside the rest of Camden.  Hasn’t Lansdown got enough crescents?!

Click here to go back to the last discussion on this earlier this year.

One thought on “Finalised local ward boundary changes

  1. Thanks, Jeremy.

    That’s clearly an improvement on the original nonsense. I’m not convinced that Camden Crescent would be a benefit to Walcot. Most of the people there appear to be people who are in one way or another passing through – second-homers and students – and consequently have little if any long term interest in the town, other than its Jane Austen fantasies.

    A thing to watch might be the insane suggestion from Coun. Warren and others that Bath & NE Somerset Council should merge with Mendip, as reported in the Chronic, which failed to point out that such an amalgamation would require primary legislation; something it’s unlikely to get given that the government currently has its hands full trying to free us from the Brussels Empire.

    I’ve sent this letter (below) to the Chronic.



    I had to check the calendar to see if it was April 1 when I read that a merger of Bath & NE Somerset and Mendip councils was being suggested, and that the Liberal Democrats appeared to think that such a ludicrous amalgamation was “inevitable”.

    The management of Bath as a town – what sort of ‘city’ is it that doesn’t have a 24/7 police station? – has suffered as a result of its merger with the surrounding rural area on, curiously, April 1, 1996. More recently, councillors have been happy to hand over responsibility for important policy matters to Avon County Council … sorry, the West of England Combined Authority. Now the proposal is to stifle Bath – and its ward councillors – in an even larger web of bureaucracies.

    Is this a case of local party politicians wanting office but not responsibility?


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